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That’s right. Each BBQ Moments seasoning blend is made of natural ingredients only – dried herbs and spices.

All seasoning blends are made of vegan-friendly ingredients.

Of course, BBQ moments seasoning blends can be used for any type of food preparation.

Yes, every tub comes with a freshness seal under the lid.

We think BBQ Moments seasoning blends would be a great gift idea! We love cooking and we would be very happy with a gift like this.

We source each ingredient very carefully. Each of them is sourced from their native environment. For example, cinnamon from Asia, rosemary from Mediterranean etc.

Sure, we don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t work. These are recommendations only and we really encourage everyone to experiment and discover new flavours with BBQ Moments seasonings.

All of the blends have salt as an ingredient, some of them have black pepper or chilli. However, whether you want to add extra salt or pepper depends on your taste and how much of the seasoning you use.