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December 31, 2021
By Meda

New year’s food traditions around the world🗓️✨

Did you know that Spain has the tradition of 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight? Or that Austrian revelers drink a red wine punch with cinnamon and spices, eat suckling pig for dinner and decorate the table with little pigs made of marzipan, called marzipanschwein? 

From the north part of Europe, Polish New Year’s Eve consists of preparing a pickled herring, called Sledzie Marynowane, which is made by soaking whole salt herrings in water for 24 hours and then layering them in a jar with onions, allspice, sugar and white vinegar. The seasonings in there must bring soo much flavour! 

The traditions all around the world are unreal! ✨

What are your traditions and go-to dishes for NYE? 🎉

Top View of a Family Praying Before Christmas Dinner