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Dry Bone Broth, Dried Mushroom Powder Stock – Vegan Bone Broth Powder, Stock Concentrate for Ramen, Soup, Instant Noodles, Dressing – Bouillon Powder Broth Mix


THE BEST THERE IS. Reaching quality traits in a product is our No.1 priority. Excluding harmful ingredients such as palm oil, flavour enhancers or other artificial flavourings, and ensuring the highest standarts with added elements makes our broth the best example of trustworthy and delicious product. Let’s not forget it’s also lactose-free, to make the experience of using the vegan beef stock the best as possible for everyone.
EFFICIENCY IN YOUR ROUTINE. BBQ Moments mushroom stock is your universal kitchen essential. Use it for making a fast lunch for work or a tasty dinner with friends, and keep your stomach healthy by doing so. All-natural ingredients makes an organic broth a must in every cooking session, no mater how long, or complex it is.
THOROUGHLY BALANCED FLAVORS We sourced the best available ingredients and combined them to create the most delicious flavors for any type of stock you need. Our organic mushroom broth will enhance your soups & ramen, as well as enjoying the stock on it’s own. We added red sweet paprika for smokiness, garlic for sweetness & celery for some earthy touches, making it really fragnant and enjoyable component.
CONVENIENCE AND PRACTICALITY. Stock powder is a store-cupboard essential, with a long lasting shelf life (up to 24 months!), and made in a secure 170g jar, that makes it comfortable for storing & stacking, and enjoying for hundreds of cookings.
COOK LIKE A PRO. Use the organic broth in your everyday cooking ritual: from your favorite instant noodle dish, to every type of beef and soups that go on your table. The process of using the mushroom bouillon is effortless, completely natural and it gives amazing results with minimal effort. And who doesn’t like that?

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We are always curious and precise when it comes to developing the best ingredient combo possible. We source them carefully, to create the best flavors for any type of meal you need. Our bone broths enhance your products with flavor while staying organic as well. Use it in ramen, soups, dressings, or enjoy it on its own- the flavors are endless, and the variety will suit your preferred meal options.


We take our standards and quality limits very seriously. For that reason we chose to exclude artificial flavorings and harmful ingredients like palm oil, to ensure the high standards of a product, that is set to be an example.


Our variety of stocks are all lactose-free and without added gluten, made to ensure that using the stock powder is the best experience for any consumer. We bring extra attention to our product’s quality and our mission is to bring the best product to you as possible.


Stock powder is made in a secure jar, that serves as a cupboard essential- you can stack it up for up to 2 years. Pull it out when you’re in need of a warm soup when it’s cold, or a great ramen dinner with friends. One jar, endless dinners.


Using broth can greatly improve your everyday cooking habits- use it in your instant noodles, ramen, soups, stews, and more, while achieving effortless results, saving time, and maintaining a healthy diet.


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